Warwick Food Festival 2017

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As I mentioned the other day on Fabulous Foodie, food fair season is upon us here in the heart of England. (Foodie Festival Season). My ‘home’ food fair is, of course, the Banbury Food Fair but it’s only end of May and I can’t wait until August for browsing food stalls. Luckily, I have a few warm up shows less than an hour away. This weekend was the perfect fair to kick off with.

The weather was beautiful so off we went to the Warwick Food Fest to see how this relatively new show (it’s now in year three) was taking shape. Can I just say – two thumbs up to Warwick! The layout was perfect for a sedate, inquisitive nose around at all the stalls (we always do a lap or two before we decide what to eat and in what order). There were nice wide aisles between each row (critical as the crowds build) and lots of little seating areas across the exhibit area.

The range of food available was also impressive. There were the usual coffee trucks, hamburgers, hot dogs, chutneys and fudge (there is always fudge at these things – this is in NO WAY a complaint. Simply an observation). But you eat your way around the world! There were stalls offering Thai, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, South African, Mexican, French cuisines. The artisan cheeses and ice cream stalls were busy as were the vegan street food folks. There were specialty sausages and colourful pizzas, beautiful pastries and cakes, a wide variety of breads, spicy noodle dishes, prosecco, beer, coffee, slushies, and soft drinks galore.

There were also entertainments – music, face painting and cooking demonstrations were scheduled throughout the day. And all in the centre of Warwick which is absolutely lovely this time of year.

While we wandered around calculating how much we could eat before we wouldn’t fit into the car anymore, we realised that the vast majority of stalls we saw at today’s show were vendors we hadn’t seen anywhere else. A few yes, but mostly not. That got us thinking about the other shows. Again, sure – there’s a few we’ve seen at more than one but not the majority. There’s clearly several fairs worth of specialty and artisan food producers out there these days – and more every year. Long may this trend continue.

But that’s enough from me – I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. As always, the pictures are courtesy of @ModParlPhotos, my better half and food-loving photographer. Visit the album on his flickr galleries or peruse them below.

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