Walking the Walk in Banbury

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I used to walk all the time when I lived in Manhattan – it’s part and parcel of life there. But since moving away from the city that never sleeps, I’ve gotten considerably more sedentary and that’s not necessarily a good thing. I recently began what I hope will become a new habit – a daily morning walk. Nothing overly structured. No set plan, no hard and fast route. Just a good pace for at least an hour or so (more if I feel like it).

When your daily walk includes views like this, it doesn’t seem such a hardship

Early in the morning is my preferred time. It’s cooler and leaves me the rest of the day for doing other things – like work, herding cats, etc.  So I’m now seeing Banbury in – literally and figuratively – a new light.

Yesterday, I headed into town via the canal, noticing a few things along the way:

  • There are a lot more people using the canal footpath at that hour than I would have thought. Upon reflection, this makes sense since it is a nicer walk than along the streets and according to Google Maps, an ever so slightly quicker route into town from our neighborhood.
  • All these days of high temps and unrelenting sun are gonna give Banbury a bumper crop of blackberries in the not too distant future. The brambles along many routes are already heavy with early fruit.
  • There are so many ducks on the canal! I admit that last year – having witnessed the unfortunate demise of a duckling in the canal lock, I had assumed that sort of thing was always happening and the local duck population was at some level of risk. I don’t know if they are or if they are not but I was amazed, absolutely amazed at how many groups of 10 or more ducks I saw on the canalside section of my walk.
  • There is no angle from the street where St. Mary’s Church doesn’t look amazing.

Whenever I walk past St Mary’s, the phrase ‘under the cool shade’ comes to mind. Sycamores, notwithstanding.

  • We have street sweepers! I saw two. Do we have street weeders? The pedestrian areas – especially under the benches – could use a bit of a de-greening.
  • BBs, the coffee and muffins shop, has had a refreshing facelift! It had been quite dark and a bit stick in the early 80s. But it’s a much brighter, cleaner look now. May have to check it out … always seemed a bit past it before. I love a good muffin. Anyone have any suggestions for which I should try? I’ll make the walk an extra long one to make up for the additional calories … honest, I will.
  • The corner table outside of Caffe Nero is a superb people watching spot first thing in the morning and their iced latte isn’t half bad. I don’t tend to go into Caffe Nero very often. The outdoor tables (which I greatly prefer) are usually jam-packed and there are so many indie options for caffeinating (again, which I greatly prefer). But at 7:30am, 8:00am – it’s open, it’s not crowded and it is centrally located.

I’ll definitely be looking around at early morning Banbury more often. It’s rather gorgeous.

South Bar is a tree-lined boulevard that is easily overlooked but shouldn’t be.

Ye Olde Reine Deer is not only one of the oldest buildings in town, it’s one of the most photographed.

Banbury Cross, surrounding by flowers and Banburians heading off to work.

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