Shoptober 2017: Banbury Indies

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Last October, the Banbury Town Team tweeted a Shoptober A-Z of Banbury based indie shops. It was fantastic to see such a line up grow and grow as the month went on; it was also clear from the response that locals and visitors alike were discovering (and rediscovering in some cases) new shopping and dining destinations.

To make sure this valuable resource wasn’t lost in mists of Twitter history, I collected the indies in order of posting – and since lots can change in a year, I’ve updated the list (new shops, new locations, etc.) in preparation for this year’s Town Team Tweetstorm!

It’s a bit out of the way but when you find the Granary, you won’t be sorry.

I may also have added a few retailers and eateries along the way. Links go to their Twitter page. If they had no Twitter handle or nothing had been tweets in a while, I linked to their more active Facebook page or website. If they are kicking it old school and have none of the above – well, that’s how they roll but you can find them in the location indicated.

As always, photos by @modparlphotos who is rarely seen in town without a camera and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Gorgeous gift bags at The Artery

Kickin’ it old school at 4 Shires Antiques

Cupcakes at El Safina

Adding a bit of sparkle – shoes at Helen & Douglas House

Handcrafted leather bags from J.D. Cruz

Absolutely amazing Buffalo wings at the Old Auctioneer.

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