Rallye Monte Carlo Historique Returns to Banbury

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It’s been 50 years since the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique visited Banbury – not that we’re counting – but it returned at last and the people (and cars) of Banbury turned out in droves to welcome it back.

Banbury was serving as a an official passage control point for the rally, which started at Paisley Abbey in Scotland and runs 1500 miles to – you guessed it – Monte Carlo.

There were the cars and drivers taking part in the rally itself, of course but also:

  • terrific exhibits of static cars (thanks to local car clubs and enthusiasts),
  • displays from local motorsport companies (we’re smack in the centre of motorsport valley),
  • lots of food trucks to keep the cold at bay and tummies filled.

Naturally, being both a petrol head and a camera nut, our fave photographer, ModParlPhotos, was there, snapping away and enjoying it all far too much

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