Old Town Summer Party 2017

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If it’s early September and if we’re in Banbury Old Town then it must be time for the Old Town Summer Party – this year, with the theme ‘Fiesta!”

And it wouldn’t be the Old Town Summer Party without stilt walkers.

Most of the action for this event takes places along the top half Parsons Street and down Church Lane – food, music, lots of stuff to entertain and delight the kids (face painting, balloon animals, arts & crafts, street performers) and with Old Town traders bringing goods out for show and doing demonstrations. Some, like Baz from The Artery are always 110% into whatever theme is on offer. What’s so amazing is that he can really carry it off.

And you know what else? he’ll do all that amazing paint work without getting a spot on him.

Of course, he is not the only independent retailer with a flair for fancy dress. Not surprisingly, Sweet Celebrations was out and about – balloons, maracas and tambourines in hand – to cut a very dashing swathe along the party route.

The steel drum player got everyone dancing and put Banburians to work on the conga drums and maracas.

Anyone can get a balloon poodle – but this young lady was all about a jetpack. Right on, my young space explorer. Right on!

These two adorable ‘kittens’ from the Joanne Mills school of dance were a real highlight of the day for me – and because the dance performances were in the marketplace, they had the biggest audiences of the day. Delightful. Let’s have them on all market days!

In conjunction with the Old Town Party, there was the annual Street Organ Festival. These instruments are a marvel of engineering and design.

As usual, ModParlPhotos was on hand to capture as many of these moments as possible.

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