Dogs of Banbury: Food Fair Edition

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People aren’t only ones who enjoyed the Banbury Food Fair. The canine crew of Banbury were out in force, noses at the ready as they investigated all the new smells, drooled over the many sausages just out of their four-legged reach and occasionally managed to snaffle up something a ham-handed human managed to drop.

Behold, the Dogs of Banbury Food Fair Edition


Isn’t he/she GORGEOUS?! It’s a bear-coated shar pei. I never knew such a thing existed. I thought all shar peis had that quite short bristly coat. But this? This dog was “fluff made mammal” and look at the sassy pose!

This little pocket pup was being kept dry during the brief (only 15 minutes or so) but quite strong downpour around lunch time but no matter – he was dry so why should he worry about his two-footed transport 🙂


This dog may not have been tall enough to see the top of the stalls but he could smell sausages in the distance and he knew he wanted one.


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