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This Sunday (August 20) is the 2017 edition of Banbury’s annual Food Fair. I am so hoping to see something new from whichever brilliantly hilarious Banburian child (age 9) did this masterpiece last year. I loved this beyond all reason last year and it remains one of my favourite things ever.

No idea which child made this but I salute them and their parents. Brilliantly demented in all the right ways.

Food fair is the highlight of the Banbury Annual Event calendar for me and the lineup of demos, traders and exhibits for this year looks like it’ll be another good one. If you’re a Masterchef fan, you will no doubt recognize Saira Hamilton. Very much looking forward to her demos. Andrew Scott and Nick Bennett are back to show us more of what they’ve got – they were super last year so recommend them highly. And we’ve all see Rosemary Shrager on telly – most recently in her new show which JUST started this week – Big Family Cooking Showdown. Maybe she’ll share a few behind the scenes tidbit during her demo? You won’t know unless you show.

You can get an idea of what to expect this year from posts on both The Banburian and on Fabulous Foodie about last year’s show.

What I Learned at Banbury Food Fair 2016 on Fabulous Foodie isn’t just a list of what I nibbled (though there was, I admit, a lot of nibbling). It’s really a reflection of the whole day – chatting with people about the food they have brought, prepped, turned into art or just enjoy. Socialising and learning (I always learn a lot) about different foods and exploring – food, aspects of town I hadn’t explored before and new experiences.

The Banburian featured our Banbury Food Fair 2016 Photo Gallery and it’s fab. But as is the case with so many Banbury events – the canine citizens of town were there and ready for their closeups. we obliged with the Dogs of Banbury Food Fair edition.

Come along on Sunday and see for yourself. Seriously, how could you resist …



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