Canal Day 2017 in Pictures

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One of the biggest events in the Banbury Events calendar almost didn’t happen this year – Canal Day was going to be pre-empted by the construction kick off for Castle Quay 2. But as if so often the case with these big construction projects – things didn’t start as early as originally planned so Canal Day was back on. The Town Events Team – who rock anyway – went into uber-rockstar mode – and produced as good as a Canal Day as anyone could want and as good as any previously held.

Sure, the weather wasn’t all that – but come on. When did Brits let a few clouds get in the way of a good time. As you can see – fun, food and frolic happened despite the overcast skies. Boats and stalls ran along the canal, next to The Mill Arts Centre and then down into Spiceball Park.

And I have to say – I’ve really liked this mural since it went up, but it really looked good during the event and the way the plants are growing makes it really multi-dimensional

Check out the rest of @ModParlPics‘ album below. As usual, click on an image to see a bigger version

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