Black Cats of Banbury

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Feline-related Fair Warning: I’m not going to be around for International Cat Day* (August 8) but I will be back in plenty of time for Black Cat Appreciation Day (Aug 17) so prepare yourself, people. After I get home from our holiday, there is gonna be a black cat extravaganza on The Banburian.

Just a few of the BARKS cats waiting to be the mini-panther you never realised until now that you’ve always wanted.

It is a ridiculous and aggravating truth that black cats find it much harder to get adopted than other cats – they are adopted in lower numbers nd are routinely in shelters much longer than other cats. And yes, it happens for all the stupid, superstitious reasons you imagine it would.

B.A.R.K.S. (Banbury Animal Rescue & Kindness Service), the cat rescue we got two of our cats (including ‘black from ears to tails’ Gumbo) has quite a few black cats in residence – sleek, soft, and full of character – and this year, for Black Cat Appreciation Day, I want to try and turn things around for the Black Cats of BARKS. So stay tuned for more Black Cats of Banbury and in the meantime, consider whether your house might be improved by the introduction of a small panther. And really? They go with every decor. You can either visit the BARKS website or join the BARKS facebook which is updated frequent with new arrivals, updates on current cats and useful information.

Gumbo – hard to find in the dark but completely worth once you do find him.

* Not to be confused with World Cat Day (Feb 17) or ** Not be confused with National Black Cat Day (UK), later in the year and is the Cats Protection annual celebration of black and black-and-white felines

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