Banbury & District Show 2017: Recap and Photos

Event season 2017 kicked off in Banbury with the bigger than ever Banbury & District show. This is always a popular event – free admission, lots of free activities for the kids, and so much to do and see.

What is always impressive is how there are always options for kids of all ages – from toddlers to teens, something for all. Plenty for parents as well – even the family dog had events to participate in.

There were the usual fun fair rides but there was also an impressive selection of inflatables, a climbing wall, a drum tent (kids love banging on things and the adults seem to enjoy it as well) and games. There was also the usual fun fair food as well – burgers, chips, ice cream – but also artistan options, local specialists and baked goods galore.

There were stalls selling all sorts and others featuring local organisations. The canine citizens of Banbury had their moment in the sun as well with the annual dog show; it was an impressive site to see so many of the categories with so many entries. And this year, for the first time, there was Banbury ArtFest – a large marquee full of artists demonstrating their work as well as their methods.

There were the usual two arenas – the show arena and the dance area – full of performances and demonstrations. The dance arena in the lower field was a constant stream of toe tapping Banbury youngsters strutting their stuff.

In the show arena, there was quite the variety of action packed activity:

The Banbury & District Show was the first big outdoor event of Banbury’s impressive event schedule and we had both great weather and good times, as you can see from the pics taken by Modern Parlance photos:

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