About Us

About The Blog: Banbury’s been a hot topic for me since I moved here in 2012. My user stats and analytics tell me it’s a popular topic for blog visitors as well. So instead of leaving the Banburianess scattered across various other blogs, I thought I’d bring it all together and give it a proper home of its own. So welcome to The Banburian: all things Banbury from across my sites and a few extra links I’ve found useful.

About Me: I’m a content consultant, writer and all around digital communications generalist – and that’s what led to my establishing Modern Parlance, my content consultancy. It might explain, in part, how living in Banbury led to a blog about it. It certainly explains why I can’t help noticing, as I working on content for the blog and see how audiences interact with it, the way information flows across the local digital landscape. Need digital/social marketing help or an article written or blog maintained? Get in touch. I’ve got over 20 years experience doing this sort of thing for clients, big and small, from a range of sector. But … just between you and me? Small businesses are my favourite and my rates are, if I do say so myself, super reasonable.

About Modern Parlance Photos: you’ll notice pictures by Modern Parlance Photos (aka my better half) all over the Banburian (and all my other blogs). Obviously, we make frequent use of the pictures across our own blog network but our intrepid photographer has had his work used by BBC Oxford, Banbury Cake, Banbury Guardian, Banburyshire Info and by a number of local businesses and organisations.We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy going out to get them. And hey, if you’re in the market for local pictures or stock photos, make sure to check out the Modern Parlance Photography page for a sense of what else we do.